Exterior Painters Near Me

Exterior Painters Near Me


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Exterior painters near me can help when choosing paint, quality is a very important decision. Better quality paint is more expensive, but it is important to know when you must have a good quality paint and when a lower cost option will suffice. Residential and commercial  painting companies should always use a top of the line exterior paint.


exterior painters near me boynton beach
Sadly, exterior surfaces are exposed to the elements. Sun, rain, humidity, etc can wreak havoc on exterior house paint. So, the bottom line is, exterior painters near me offers better quality paint you use on an exterior surface, the longer it will last (but so much can be done to prevent fading). Nobody wants to pay for expensive paint and then find out that fading is not covered under any warranty. Better quality paint WILL fade, albeit a bit slower, but in all honesty, all exterior paints fade in the Florida sun. The main reason for fading is the intense UV rays. There will be fading, unless your home is in a very well shaded area. This is easily seen by walking around your house and finding the areas that have the most exposure to the sun. After a few years, you will notice these areas have faded more than the areas in the not so shaded areas. 


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One way to prevent fading is to stay away from yellow exterior house paint. Here is an easy way to understand how this works; lets start with plain and simple white paint. The sun can beat on pure white and it will never fade. Since White does not have any colors added to it to make a color it can not fade. So, you start with a lighter color the amount of fading that will occur over 5 years will be much less noticeable than a darker color.


If you are selling the house with in a year or two, there is absolutely no reason to spend sixty dollars a gallon on a high end Exterior House Paint such as Sherwin Williams Emerald or Duration. Under this circumstance I would advise my client to use Sherwin Williams 100% Acrylic Duracraft. This will easily last a good three years assuming the colors are not dark and a Satin Finish Exterior House Paint is used. If the surface it prepared properly and the paint is applied by a licensed contractor, the final appearance once dry will look the same as if you use a better quality exterior painters near me. The bottom line is the end results are the same as far as appearance goes. However, one will last longer than the other. All Exterior House Paints from Sherwin Williams are 100% Acrylic and all contain a mildewcide. The only difference is the amount of Solids (pigments and binders) that are in the paint

painters near me boynton beach
Look for the painters near me van to arrive on time.